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2010 MD Legislature - Recycling Bills Under Consideration

MRN's lobbyist, Pam Kasemeyer, briefed the MRN board at its 2/16/10 meeting regarding recyling-related legislation under consideration in the current session. The MRN legislative affairs team will be reviewing each bill and preparing comments as needed. If you have any comments or questions, please share with us via email.

  • HB 944: Recycling - Bars and Restaurants - Beverage Containers -
    Requiring specified distributors, on or before January 1, 2012, to establish a program for the collection and recycling of specified beverage containers; requiring specified owners and managers of bars and restaurants, beginning January 1, 2012, to separate, store, and arrange for the collection and recycling of specified beverage containers; requiring the Department of the Environment to provide specified financial assistance to distributors for establishing a specified recycling program; etc.

  • HB 961: Environment - Yard Waste Composting - Plastic Bag Prohibition -
    Prohibiting a person from using a plastic bag for the final disposal of yard waste or natural wood waste under specified circumstances; and allowing a person to transport yard waste or natural wood waste in a plastic bag under specified circumstances.

  • HB 982: Solid Waste Management - Recycling - Requirements -
    Requiring the Office of Recycling in the Department of the Environment to establish specified commodity-based solid waste reduction through recycling goals; altering county recycling requirements by requiring counties to include in specified county plans a specified commodity-based recycling plan by October 1, 2011, that provides for specified solid waste reduction and requires full implementation by January 1, 2020; establishing a solid waste management fee; etc.

  • SB 156: Environment - Recycling - Apartment Buildings and Condominiums -
    Requiring owners or managers of apartment buildings or condominiums that contain 10 or more dwelling units to provide for recycling for residents on or before October 1, 2014; requiring that the recycling required under the Act be done in accordance with specified recycling plans; providing for a civil penalty for a violation of the Act; and providing for disbursement of penalties collected under the Act to specified jurisdictions.

  • SB 462: Chesapeake Bay Restoration Consumer Retail Choice Act of 2010 -
    Prohibiting a store from providing disposable carryout bags unless the bags meet specified requirements; requiring a store to charge and collect a fee for each disposable carryout bag the store provides to a customer; requiring the operator of a store to remit a specified amount of money to the Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays 2010 Trust Fund; requiring the Department of the Environment to conduct public information and outreach campaigns; authorizing the use of specified funds; providing for a delayed effective date; etc.
  • SB 693: Green Maryland Act of 2010 -
    Increasing the price preference for recycled paper and the percent of recycled paper to be procured; requiring a review of procurement practices and a study of the use of compost as fertilizer; establishing a goal to increase use of compost as fertilizer; requiring development of strategies and best practices for implementing environmentally preferable purchasing; requiring review and alteration of specifications to account for environmentally preferable procurement strategies and best practices; etc.