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Whose Math is the True Math?

According to a recent article in Resource Recycling, Wisconsin's Gov. Walker is looking to end the state-mandated recycling programs that have been in place since 1995 by cutting approximately $32 million used to fund recycling programs in over 1,000 municipalities across America's Dairyland. George Dreckmann, Madison's recycling coordinator, countered that the elimination of recycling programs will likely lead to increased use of the state's landfills, which currently costs more than diverting that waste to recycling. In 2009, it cost the city of Madison $143.88 a ton to put garbage in the landfill but only $91.89 a ton to recycle.

So environmental issues aside, whose math is the true math? And if Dreckmann is right, why do we in the recycling community have such a hard time making the economic argument stick? Is this just more "politics" trumps "economics" trumps "environment"?

Your thoughts?