You may have a great collection program along with a top-of-the-line transfer station and MRF waiting to process your waste and recycling stream, but you still rely on your citizens to know what goes where if you want to minimize the waste delivered to the landfill and maximize the quality of the recycled material.

Looking for solutions? If so, please join us on Tuesday, June 11 for the 2019 MRN/SWANA-Mid-Atlantic Conference at the BWI Marriott in Linthicum, MD for a diverse panel of solid waste and recycling professionals to tackle key customer service/help desk questions such as:

• How is your program structured and who is responsible for customer service requests and tracking?

• What kind of data is being collected and how often is it analyzed to ensure good customer service?

• Is outreach and education staff separate from customer service staff and/or do they receive the same training?

• Is enforcement linked to customer service and if so, is it tracked in the same database or is it kept in a separate system?

• Are missed pick-ups and improper set-outs tracked in the same system – for example, if a driver has a problem with a set-out that’s under electrical wires, how is that information communicated to the customer? Is it in real time or does the customer have to call-in to find out why items were not picked up at the end of the day?

Here’s our panel:

• Rich Nolan, Director of Operations, Central VA Solid Waste Authority

• John MacDonald, Director of Sales, RecycleCoach

• Michele Blair, Recycling Coordinator, Laurel, MD

• Pat Fahey, Sutherlin Sanitary Service

• Christine McCoy, Recycling Outreach & Education, Solid Waste Management Program, Fairfax County, VA (Moderator)

This is just one of 11 sessions offered at the MRN/SWANA-MA 2019 Conference on Tuesday, June 11 at the BWI Marriott in Linthicum, MD. See what else is on the program by clicking here!