A free webinar from the Maryland Recycling Network (www.MarylandRecyclingNetwork.org)

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  • Wonder how to increase recycling efforts and how to help your schools recycle more?
  • Have a cafeteria and not sure what type of cartons are acceptable?


The Carton Council has assisted numerous communities and schools with adding cartons to recycling programs with the benefit of increasing recycling while teaching the next generation of recyclers.

This webinar highlights programs the Carton Council has supported in various communities. Presenters: Barbara Heineken, Carton Council Representative, Resource Recycling Systems; Nancy Drumheller,Public Affairs Manager, Central Virginia Solid Waste Management Authority; and Lisa Toy, Sustainability Coordinator, Palm Beach County Schools.

  • Learn which food and beverage products come in cartons and tips to make carton recycling easy.
  • Learn about the Carton Council, successful programs they have supported, and their resources including small grants.


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