Support efforts to create a greener Maryland with your member contribution and stay in the know on what’s happening with the state’s initiatives. Donations are tax-deductable too!

MRN Supporters make a difference by adding your voice and your dollars to promote intelligent use of our natural resources and build a healthy environment for our children. Why be one voice when you can join a chorus?

Where does your contribution go?

  • To help fund public outreach efforts which shine a positive light on the value recycling.
  • To help fund advocacy efforts to ensure our state’s legislative and regulatory policies encourage and support the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).
  • To help fund our growing Recycling Knowledge Base that informs and educates the business and government
    communities assuring they make effective decisions for our state.

What do you get?

  • A voice for recycling in Maryland – you’ll find us active in the state legislature, in counties around the state and in schools and communities through sponsored events like America Recycles Day.
  • Access to a growing recycling knowledge base.
  • Monthly E-letter  that shares relevant recycling ideas, activities and accomplishments of members of the recycling community along with MRN’s calendar of events.
  • An opportunity to show your environmental pride and passion.
  • Special Benefits for members of the MRN Leader’s Circle.

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