States throughout the U.S. have taken different approaches to electronics recycling. These typically range from a manufacturer funded model (CT) to a consumer funded model (CA). Last year, the Municipal Waste Management Association (MWMA), an environmental affiliate of The United States Conference of Mayors, drafted a resolution calling for the passage of a federal law mandating the recycling of electronic material. At its 2017 annual conference, the United States Conference of Mayors adopted an amended version of that resolution.

Produced on Thursday, February 15 thsi webinar explores how these programs have been implemented as well as the impact to date on electronics recycling. Kitty McIlroy, Project Analyst for the Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority, shares a brief overview of state programs, highlighting the differences between product stewardship and extended producer responsibility laws between states, followed by an update on the status of the Conference of Mayors resolution and a short discussion of Maryland’s EPR law. She is joined by Doug Kobold, Waste Management Program Manager for Sacramento County, CA who details CA’s Product Stewardship law, how it works and how Sacramento County benefits from it, as well as any challenges they face. They also discuss in more detail options for MD going forward.

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