Facility Managers

Facility Managers: A membership that connects professionals with responsibility for solid waste management and recycling with each other for best practices and with the county, municipal and supplier reps for coordinating and solving issues.

MRN members enjoy several important benefits:

  • Connections – Rub shoulders with the leaders and thinkers in the recycling community. Share ideas & information, questions & answers on all things recycling.
  • Knowledge – Stay on the leading edge in recycling technology, training, marketing, operations, regulations, policies and more.
  • Facility Management – Reach government offices & find trustworthy suppliers for your business.
  • Social– Enjoy the company of people who care about the same things you do.
  • Personal– Take your environmental pride and passion to the next level as part of a statewide effort to preserve our natural resources.

Key features of membership include:

  • Recycling Knowledge Base –This growing resource collects and shares viable solutions to commonly shared problems such as recycling construction and demolition debris or calculating throughput in sorting systems.
  • Monthly E-letter – The monthly e-letter shares relevant recycling ideas, activities and accomplishments of members of the recycling community along with MRN’s calendar of events.
  • Leadership Meetings – Each month the board gathers to look at current recycling issues and concerns and to cover the business of the association. As a member, you are welcome and encouraged to attend any of these meetings – it’s a great way to meet your peers, learn, and help build the coalition.
  • Webinars –Throughout the year, MRN provides free “30 Minute Idea Breaks” which offer an opportunity to hear about and discuss key recycling concepts and issues.
  • Statewide Conference – Members receive discounted registration for MRN’s signature annual event which brings recycling thought leaders, vendors and all players within the Maryland recycling community together under one roof.
  • Events/Tours – Held in conjunction with three of our board meetings, these events feature a presentation on a major recycling issues or concept. Depending on the venue, the event may include a facility tour. Members receive discounted registration.
  • Be a Player –Members develop and execute MRN programs and craft our legislative efforts and knowledge base. You can join in many ways, from short project tasks to serving on the Board.
  • Special Benefits for members of the MRN Leader’s Circle

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