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Every year, the Maryland General Assembly considers upwards of 2,500 bills of which as many as 700 or more may become law. And all this happens during a 90 day session!


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2020 Legislative Update

Here are relevant bills under consideration.

HB0013 / SB0028

Solid Waste Management – Prohibition on Releasing a Balloon Into the Atmosphere

Prohibiting a person from knowingly and intentionally releasing or causing to be released, or organizing the release of, a certain balloon into the atmosphere; authorizing the Department to delegate certain enforcement authority to a certain unit, officer, or official of a local government; requiring a certain unit, officer, or official of a local government with delegated enforcement authority to report certain violations to the Department; establishing a maximum civil penalty of $250 for a violation of the Act; etc.



Solar Photovoltaic Recycling

Establishing a solar photovoltaic recycling fee; requiring a person installing a solar electric generating facility in the State to pay the fee beginning October 1, 2020; establishing the Solar Photovoltaic Recycling Fund; requiring 20% of the first sale price of each renewable energy credit sold to be deposited into the Fund; providing that the purpose of the Fund is to provide funding for technologies and processes that assist with the recycling of solar photovoltaic systems; etc.



Maryland Recycling Act – Recyclable Materials and Resource Recovery Facilities – Alterations

Altering the definition of “recyclable materials” under the Maryland Recycling Act to exclude incinerator ash; and repealing the authority of a county to utilize a resource recovery facility to meet 5% of the waste reduction required to be achieved through recycling in the county’s recycling plan.


HB0209 / SB0313

Plastics and Packaging Reduction Act

Prohibiting a store from distributing plastic carryout bags to a customer at the point of sale; requiring a store to charge and collect at least 10 cents for each durable carryout bag the store provides to a customer; authorizing a store to retain all money collected under certain circumstances; providing certain penalties for certain violations of the Act under certain circumstances; establishing the Single-Use Products Workgroup; requiring the Workgroup to study and make recommendations regarding single-use products; etc.


HB0229 / SB0300

Pesticides – Use of Chlorpyrifos – Prohibition

Prohibiting the use of chlorpyrifos in the State, including insecticides containing chlorpyrifos and seeds treated with chlorpyrifos; and requiring the Department of Agriculture, with existing budgeted resources, to provide to farmers, certified crop advisors, and pesticide applicators certain education and assistance relating to integrated pest management.



Environment – Single-Use Plastic Straws – Use in a Food Service Business

Prohibiting, beginning January 1, 2021, a food service business from providing a single-use plastic straw to a customer dining in the food service business unless the customer requests a straw; and applying the Act.



Declaration of a Climate Emergency and Implementation of a Climate Mobilization Effort

Declaring that a climate and ecological emergency threatens the State, the nation, civilization, humanity, and the natural world; committing the State to a statewide climate mobilization effort to reverse global warming and the current ecological crisis, end statewide greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, draw down carbon from the atmosphere, and accelerate the development and implementation of adaptation and resilience strategies; etc.


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