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The Maryland Recycling Network is a community of county coordinators, agencies, non-profit organizations, businesses, and recycling activists.

Recycling Activists With 3 Goals

Woman working in a recycling factory

Create a Healthy Environment

Build a healthy environment for our citizens by working with legislators, companies, agencies and our citizens to facilitate every facet of recycling.

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Recycling bins in a modern business premises

Help Live the 3 R's

We help all live the 3 R’s: “sustainable reduction, reuse and recycling of materials otherwise destined for disposal.”

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Recycling Truck Lifting Up Container Along Neighborhood Curb

Build a Vibrant Recycling Economy

Build a vibrant recycling economy in Maryland that facilitates business growth, makes recycling economically viable and protects our national resources.

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The Green Movement

We are unique in the “green” movement in that we bring all the players together: public agencies which facilitate recycling, vendors (processors, composting systems, haulers) which power recycling, legislators and regulators who make critical funding and legislative decisions, and facility managers. We also invite citizens who want to assure Maryland has and acts on a vibrant green vision to be MRN supporters.

Who Are You?

Where do you fit in the Maryland Recycling Network community?


Government Recycling Agency Professionals

Cross-county, cross-municipality sharing & support


A membership that connects recycling professionals working for a county or municipality to a network of peers, suppliers and resources.

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Facility Managers

Connections and information to help manage your responsibilities


A membership that connects professionals with responsibility for solid waste management and recycling with each other for best practices and with the county, municipal and supplier reps for coordinating and solving issues.

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Vendors & Suppliers

Connections to customers & insight into the Maryland environment


A membership expressly for suppliers to the recycling business and agency community designed to both help you better know the Maryland environment and to connect with you potential customers.

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Supporting & growing a green Maryland


Support efforts to create a greener Maryland with your member contribution and stay in the know on what’s happening with the state’s initiatives. Donations are tax-deductable too!

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MRN Membership Options

We serve as a resource to provide education and information to professionals in the field and the public. We accomplish this through a combination of education programs, advocacy activities to affect public policy, technical assistance, and the development of markets to purchase recycled materials and manufacture products with recycled content.

Memberships expire 12 months from the join date.

*The individual/associate category is intended for applicants not affiliated with any business or agency or additional employees from a member business or agency.