We are pleased to announce that we have pledged our support to the Northeast Recycling Council (NERC) and Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR)’s Government Recycling Demand Champion Program as a State Recycling Organization Advocate. The program, a companion to the APR Recycling Demand Champion Program, seeks to strengthen the demand for residential recyclables by encouraging government entities to purchase products containing post-consumer recycled content (PCR).

Pledge: “We are a statewide nonprofit organization that agrees that a healthy and sustainable domestic plastic recycling infrastructure requires that government entities, along with the private sector, play a crucial role in strengthening the demand for residential recyclables by purchasing products that contain PCR.”

The goal is to …

  • Strengthen and increase domestic demand for residential mixed plastics.
  • Help prevent “ocean plastics” by stimulating strong North American markets.
  • Boost a “circular economy” for plastic packaging.
  • Mitigate reliance on export markets.
Gov’t Recycling Demand Advocate Cert

We encourage all our public sector members and other representatives of the recycling community in our state to join us in these efforts by becoming either a Government Recycling Demand Champion or Recycling Demand Champion.

We view waste as a resource. Join us in this mission to promote the sustainable reduction, reuse and recycling (the 3 “R’s”) in Maryland.

MRN Government Recycling Demand Advocate Commitment Letter – SRO

MRN Government Recycling Demand SRO Advocate 2020 Certificate