Recycling Resources

Got a recycling question? Need an answer? Got a recycling problem? Need a solution? Then you came to the right place! Click on the links below for answers and solutions.

  • Special Projects  – Electronics and mercury recycling (including drop-off information), household hazardous waste, composting, green building, construction and demolition, buy recycled, telephone directory and newsprint recycling.
  • Scrap Tire  – Information on licenses, proper disposal, projects, playgrounds, recycled rubber product directory and more.
  • Recycling Market Directory – The Maryland Recycling Directory locates markets for batteries, motor oil, aluminum, wood, textiles, fluorescent lights and much more.
  • Recycling at Work and School – How to start a recycling program, locate contractors and find markets for your recyclable materials.
  • Education and Outreach  – Classroom presentations, America Recycles Day, “Rethink Recycling” Sculpture Contest, fact sheets, fun facts, activities and web sites for educators and kids.

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