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2016 Conference ReCap

21st Century Technology: Recycling Game Changers on the Horizon

About fifteen years ago, our industry began widely accepting paper screens as the best technology for processing single stream recyclables. As their application grew at a rapid rate, capital investments largely ignored the rapid decline of the newspaper commodity and was indifferent to the possible fall of commodity prices. The reality today prompts a retrospective look at these decisions and critical question: Have these facilities with screens reached early obsolescence driving the market toward different equipment? Do we really think new MRFs of tomorrow will still be using paper screens? I doubt it. Better solutions that match the changed composition are desired, are being developed, and will become prevalent.

“Bottle Bill” Dies in Committee…But Lives On in Budget?...Not!

UPDATE: The language proposed below failed to make it into the final version of the budget.

Though defeated in committee hearings, the "Bottle Bill" (Maryland Redeemable Beverage Container Recycling Refund and Litter Reduction Act), legislation to impose a 5-cent deposit on cans and bottles, related langauge asking the Maryland Department of the Environment to study implementation issues of the same program goals has been added to the House’s budget bill.

MDE Grant, Tech Guidelines for Spent Lead-acid Batteries, EPA tools and more

We’re always on the lookout for resources for our members and non-member readers alike. Here’s a couple we’ve recently come across.

Call to Action on Paint Stewardship Legislation In Maryland

This is an important CALL TO ACTION on paint stewardship legislation in Maryland. MRN supports the current legislation under consideration in the Maryland legislature this session.