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Session Recap: Productive Partnerships

Solid waste officials from Virginia and Delaware joined a representative from the Recycling Partnership to explore the potential advantages of public-private partnerships when seeking to optimize a public solid waste program. Craig Cookson, Senior Director of Recycling & Energy Recovery for the American Chemistry Council, teamed up with Kim Hynes, the Director of the Central Virginia Waste Management Authority (CVWMA), to discuss the positive results of the collaboration between their respective organizations.

Session Recap: Markets Madness

A panel of coordinators and vendors discussed the methods they use to predict, create and respond to evolving and elusive materials markets.


Hogan Signs Waste Reduction and Resource Recovery Plan Executive Order

Governor Larry Hogan signed the Waste Reduction and Resource Recovery Plan Executive Order on June 27 indicating that he hopes to put Maryland on the fast track to enhanced sustainable materials management and beneficial reuse while rescinding the Zero Waste Plan for Maryland Executive Order of January 2015.

Changing the Conversation: Conference Recap

Changing the ConversationA panel of award-winning public relations professionals shared proven techniques recycling coordinators can use to shift attitudes and behavior among their community citizens, legislators and the next generation.

MRA Today: Conference Recap

The session offered a brief overview of MRA metrics followed by a panel discussion around the typical and atypical steps taken to achieve compliance, the relevance of those metrics given the evolving waste stream and alternate metrics that might better address the waste management issues of the 21st century.