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Reuse in action …

A couple of weeks ago, my sister and I visited the Durham Fair in CT. We enjoyed roaming through the animal barns, viewing the many exhibits, savoring the array of foods (those curly fries were awesome), and tapping our feet to some great music. But what struck us the most – at least me – was what we found in the Horticultural Exhibition Hall. 

78,000 Pounds of Compost for Alexandria’s New Resource Recovery Division

Welcome to the one and only, Ladies of Manure!

"A pictorial calendar that will get you to rethink all your waste, even your daily # 1's and 2's."

TMI…Junk Mail or Economic Engine?

The other day, I arrived at our community mailbox about the same time as the mailman. While waiting for him to get to my box, I made the mistake of lamenting that 90% of my mail goes straight into the recycle bin. Of course, he gave me the look that said, “and how do you think I make a living?”

A Little League Reuse Inspiration

Buying sports equipment and uniforms for children is no small financial undertaking, as many of us “little league” parents well know.  Although my children have played sports for a couple years, this year was their first in our local junior football and cheer league.  I was surprised at all the equipment and accessories needed, in addition to what the league provided, and at the cost.