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Missed the 2015 Conference? Here's a quick recap ...

Over 170 solid waste management and recycling professionals convened on Thursday & Friday, June 25-26 to learn about and discuss the hottest topics in the industry including changing waste management and recycling models, policy & regulation, commodities markets, new technologies & more. While all shared a common desire to minimize waste to landfill, opinions sometimes differed sharply on how to get there.

EPA 2013 MSW Report shows stagnant recycling rates

The latest figures out by EPA show a slight decrease of .02% in the 2013 recycling recovery rates from 2012 (34.3% compared to 34.5% in 2012). Recovery rates for paper, plastics and food scraps remain close to their 2012 rates while scrap electronics show a marked increase (up to 40.4% from 30.6%) .

MRN Honors 2015 Recycling Award Winners

MRN also celebrated the accomplishments of three 2015 Recycling Award Winners

Chaz Miller accepts the prestigious
Dwight Copenhaver Recycler of the Year
Award from MRN Board Chair, Bob Stumpff. 

Recycling's Economic Message for the Taxpayer

A recent news item from WBAL offers excellent messaging for counties and municipalities to use when explaining the benefits of recycling to citizens. In this particular case, Michael Beichler, Solid Waste Management bureau chief for Baltimore County notes ""As a taxpayer, when you throw it away, it's $63 a ton. You have to pay in taxes to get rid of it, but if you recycle it, last year, we netted $28 (a ton) off the recycled commodities as a tax here.

Recyclers’ Town Hall Recap

MRN members from across the state gathered at the Turf Valley Conference Center in Ellicott City on April 29 to discuss the programmatic impact of three pieces of legislation passed by the Maryland General Assembly in recent years. They included:

HB 929 - Recycling Rates and Waste Diversion – Statewide Goals