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Recyclers’ Town Hall Recap

MRN members from across the state gathered at the Turf Valley Conference Center in Ellicott City on April 29 to discuss the programmatic impact of three pieces of legislation passed by the Maryland General Assembly in recent years. They included:

HB 929 - Recycling Rates and Waste Diversion – Statewide Goals

KAB Announces "Recycling at Work" Study Results

Keep America Beautiful announced the results of its “Recycling at Work” Research Study on best practices for implementing an effective recycling program in the workplace. The Study, conducted over six months in 2014, looked at four scenarios for improving recycling rates as well as the quality and quantity of the recycled materials.

Recyclers to gather at Town Hall April 29

HB 929 - Recycling Rates and Waste Diversion – Statewide Goals
HB 1 - Recycling - Apartment Buildings and Condominiums Act
SB 781 - Environment - Recycling - Special Events

These are just a few of the recycling laws passed by the Maryland General Assembly within the last three years.

Thank You to Our Volunteers!

The Maryland Recycling Network seeks to serve the needs of its members – and the recycling community at large – by being a resource and advocate for all involved in the 3R’s. But none of this is possible without the hard work of our Chapter volunteers!

So what have our volunteers achieved this past year?

2015 Composting Bill Amended

As advocates for the Maryland recycling community, we strive to work closely with the Maryland Legislature to ensure our state's laws and regulations promote the sustainable reduction, reuse and recycling of materials otherwise destined for the landfill. We also recognize how important it is for those most affected by these laws, i.e., counties, municipalities, communities and vendors, have a voice in what is feasible in terms of cost and time.