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MD H2E Initiative comes to a successful close.

The Maryland Hospitals for a Healthy Environment (MD H2E) recently announced that after having achieved its mission of facilitating positive environmental changes within Maryland’s health care community, the Initiative will come to a close effective December 31, 2015.

Registration open for KAB's Recycle-Bowl Competition & for ARD Celebration

It’s that time of year again … summer days are coming to an end, kids are headed back to school, fall is just a few weeks away … and Keep America Beautiful’s signature events are in full swing. Here’s what’s coming up …

2015 Conference Recap: Market Update on Paper & Plastics

The Recycling Market Update session during the 2015 MRN/SWANA-MA Conference continued with updates on paper and plastics. First up was Myles Cohen of Pratt Industries who talked about the status of paper recycling in the U.S. The session ended with Mylinda Jacobsen of Envision Plastics with a look at the current conditions of plastics in the recycling conversation.

Click the presenter name to open a pdf of the relevant slide deck.

No. The Sky is Not Falling on Recycling

Reading or listening to the latest reports on the state of recycling today, one could conclude reasonably that the sky is falling and the outlook is grim. We, the Board of Directors at the Maryland Recycling Network (MRN), believe otherwise. Recycling today, for a number of reasons, is facing some fiscal challenges but they are not so grave and dire that we must run for cover and abandon recycling altogether.

2015 Conference Recap: Market Update on E-Cycling

Establishing a successful recycling program is a growing challenge in today's volatile recycling market. On Day One of the 2015 MRN/SWANA-MA Conference held June 25 and 26, three industry professionals came together to share trends and predictions on three key commodities: e-cycling, paper, and plastics. To cover e-cycling, we welcomed Jason Linnell, Executive Director of National Center for Electronics Recycling (NCER) who updated us on where the U.S. stands in terms of legislation and how state e-cycling programs are faring.