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Thank You to Our Volunteers!

The Maryland Recycling Network seeks to serve the needs of its members – and the recycling community at large – by being a resource and advocate for all involved in the 3R’s. But none of this is possible without the hard work of our Chapter volunteers!

So what have our volunteers achieved this past year?

2015 Composting Bill Amended

As advocates for the Maryland recycling community, we strive to work closely with the Maryland Legislature to ensure our state's laws and regulations promote the sustainable reduction, reuse and recycling of materials otherwise destined for the landfill. We also recognize how important it is for those most affected by these laws, i.e., counties, municipalities, communities and vendors, have a voice in what is feasible in terms of cost and time.

MRN Takes the Vow to Help Clean Up

pickingupthepieces What if you could do one simple thing every day that would impact your environment? What if every single person in your community did that same thing? Would it make a difference?

Cool Stuff from EPA!

The folks at EPA have been busy and come up with a variety of resources you might find useful. Here are just a few!

MSW Measurement Report Updates

U.S. EPA has been working to improve our national Municipal Solid Waste in the United States:  Facts and Figures measurement report based on stakeholder feedback.

Two Public Space Recycling Bins Grants Available from KAB.

Did you know that Keep America Beautiful has two public space recycling bins grants currently open? The grants, funded in collaboration with two of KAB’s partners, are designed to support and encourage recycling in public areas by providing free recycling bins in settings such as parks, venues, community centers, schools and more. Government agencies, community organizations, schools, and non-profits groups are encouraged to apply.