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Hogan Signs Waste Reduction and Resource Recovery Plan Executive Order

Governor Larry Hogan signed the Waste Reduction and Resource Recovery Plan Executive Order on June 27 indicating that he hopes to put Maryland on the fast track to enhanced sustainable materials management and beneficial reuse while rescinding the Zero Waste Plan for Maryland Executive Order of January 2015.

“We support zero waste but not zero collaboration,” Maryland Environment Secretary Ben Grumbles said. “This new Executive Order lays out a path for even better results and a greater emphasis on sustainable materials management and beneficial reuse. That means aggressive but achievable goals by coordinating with local decision-makers, businesses, and environmental stakeholders — rethinking our approach so we can turn waste into wealth and boost our recycling rates like never before.”

Hogan’s executive order contains five new actions with the Department of the Environment that are intended to improve resource recovery:

  • A technical partnership with Department of Commerce to help establish new recycling businesses in Maryland;
  • A partnership with Department of Agriculture to provide research and demonstration of innovative nutrient recovery technologies to facilitate adoption of these technologies;
  • A partnership with the Maryland Energy Administration to research and promote adoption of energy recovery technologies, such as anaerobic digestion;
  • A partnership with the Department of Transportation to provide guidance which will increase the reuse of dredged materials, including by State agencies; and
  • Outreach partnerships with stakeholders to increase awareness of the benefits of and opportunities for waste diversion.

Click here for a full copy of the related MDE press release.